Wellness Speaker

Atop of Rebecca's extensive experience in food and nutrition she has also worked in the capacity of a Life Coach, Health Coach and Food Coach. She has over 10 years experience in self development work and has and continues to, work through many blocks and expand her life everyday through various modalities. She believes the past is the past and does not let her past define her but instead creates her life as if a work of art, conjuring up each brush stroke.

Rebecca would love nothing more than to talk to your community about her story and share tips and healthy habits to become a better you in each and every moment.

Life is not without its tests but with a little mindfulness and permission from ourselves we can shed the layers of our smaller selves and dive deep into the bigger us to reach untold potential and success just by being our true and authentic selves.

Eating well is loving yourself
— Rebecca Hendriks

Rebecca will help shine a light on the thoughts that are holding you back and remind you of the simple truth... It is merely a thought. It has not manifested, it isn't even real. It is the power we give our thoughts that create our reality. With some loving intention you can shift these thoughts and see your life change.