Cooking Teacher

Rebecca will inspire and educate your students to better health. Beginning all her classes with an informative talk on the subject she will then lead into a demonstration of basic knife skills and safety in the kitchen then proceed with the class. She teaches hands-on and demonstration classes.

Her worldly knowledge of all things food combined with her lust for travel and nutrition studies have equipped Rebecca with an immense amount of skills and knowledge to pass on to your students.

Your students will leave feeling full of knowledge and delicious food. Her mindful approach to teaching will have everyone very present and bring about a deeper learning than your usual cooking class.

Rebecca has taught such classes as; gluten free, refined sugar free, dairy free, superfoods, tapas, super salads and paleo.

Learn new things, try new stuff, and empower yourself with knowledge and inspiration. Check out the video of Rebecca teaching below.

Or why not try an in-home class and relax with a glass of wine while Rebecca cooks your meal in front of you as a demo dinner and explains all her tricks of the trade so you'll be a wellness mama in the kitchen in no time!

“Amazing class! Rebecca is so knowledgeable and teaches in such a relaxed manor. She is a great teacher and very comfortable answering any questions you may have.

I had a ball, ate delicious food and learned so much. I’m booking the next class immediately!”
— Bryony Tyler

check out this video of Rebecca teaching at Essential Ingredient in Sydney