Eat well to live well - this is my Mantra!
— Rebecca Hendriks

Growing up in the country side of New Zealand my early childhood was basically a page from Sally Field's - Nourishing Traditions. My father, an amazing cook and lover of the self sustainable life, invoked his passions in me.

I have spent the last 17 years traveling and working around the globe immersing myself in culture, food and the colours of the world. I now dream of finding my own patch of grass and building my sustainable empire by the sea. Oh, how we always end up like our parents in spite of our efforts.

I gained a wealth of cooking knowledge as a Private Chef aboard luxury yachts throughout the Caribbean, Mediterranean, USA, Pacific and North Africa. I have worked for clients with dietary needs for over 14 years, today I boast a host of knowledge in Dairy, Gluten & Refined Sugar Free and on Vegetarianism and Superfoods. Rediscovering my father's path, creating my own garden and becoming a strong advocate for organic foods, sustainable fishing and pasture fed happy animals, I then sought to go deeper.

After many years of self development work, working with coaches, healing retreats, yoga teachers and feeding my spiritual passions I most recently trained as a Wholistic Coach and went on to complete my studies in Nutrition & Wellness with IIN in New York City. My journey to ultimate wellness grows every day.

Having overcome debilitating health issues myself I will share with you my knowledge on how to manage your well-being. I have a particular interest in addressing; Digestive Issues, Food Allergies and Intolerances and how we develop these blocks. It is my belief I have a special ability to share my energy through my cooking and I feel blessed to possess such a gift and love to share it.

Intuitive. Authentic. Creative. My core principle's. I possess a wealth of knowledge on healthy cooking and a passion for expressing ones creative self and integrating wellness into ones life to create balance and harmony. I spread my love as a Creative Chef, Wellness Guru and Writer.

Some special achievements in my career have been; being commissioned to write recipes for Australian Women's Weekly's many health titled Cookbook's, Donna Hay's magazine Fresh & Light, being featured in Gourmet Traveller and writing a 6 page food feature for Good Taste Magazine.